Belly Fat Exercises

The typical journey to losing your belly looks like this.  Perhaps this may look familiar.

(1) You Set a Goal To Lose Weight
(2) You buy some new exercise gear
(3) You join a gym or a health club
(4) You exercise like crazy and probably do a bunch of “ab” exercises

And what is this followed by..


Exercise can actually kill your chances of getting tight abs and losing your desired weight?  Because exercise is hard.

People don’t really love hard work in particular when it is standing out a treadmill and people like to eat (in particular if you are like me, I am borderline glutton).  If I didn’t have a sport like basketball in my life and I didn’t have a baby I could take walking, I don’t think I would really get all that much thrill out of exercise.

Within my site you are going to see me talking a lot about exercises and what I have experienced over the years in terms of what to do and what not to do.

Most people fail at dieting and losing belly fat because they are doing things wrong…the most common mistake thinking that AB exercises are the best way to get a tight stomach.  These are the absolute worst thing you can do.   As simple as it sounds, things like walking (ideally up hills) can be some of the best exercises for trimming down your body, including the hard to get at “fat storage’ areas like the stomach.

I have tried many crazy ‘exercises’ over years and I would love to hear from you about “exercises” that you have tried to lose belly fat but didn’t end up working out for you.  Please drop me a note below and I will get back to you right away!