1. Becka

    Well done review of this diet pill, I was glad to see you break it down the way you did.

    Perhaps you could review some of the others on the market as well. There’s a lot of talk these days about the natural effect of turmeric, in losing weight. A quick search brings up several possibilities. I wouldn’t know which one is supposedly the best. Just that this is the “Newest Thing” that I’ve heard of.

    Then there’s the very popular alli. The only one FDA approved and based on the ingredient orlistat. It’s the same ingredient as some of the prescription weight loss pills. Which they quickly dismiss on their site in their FAQs. Saying it’s the same ingredient, but it’s different.

    Anyway, thank you for your in-depth reviews.

    • Kyle

      There are 1,000’s of different diet pill solutions on the market out there, many of which contain very similar make-ups as to that of Capsiplex. Not to say they are bad, some are very good and they do contain attributes that will lead to more effective work outs, more energy, longer duration and a better mindset (as a result of things like caffeine).

      I will be reviewing other products as well, including Tumeric in the future. Lots of health benefits there and it is important that people are made aware of them.

  2. Sydney

    Well, I guess I wont be purchasing Capsiplex. I do need my sleep and anything with caffeine really keeps me up at night. I try to drink my coffee in the mornings, that is enough caffeine for me, lol. I did hear about another diet pill that I was interested in trying, but it does offer the same claims as Capsiplex. I guess you can it’s the new craze it’s call, Forskolin Fat Loss Extract, have you heard about Forskolin and what are your thoughts about it. Thanks!

    • Kyle

      Coffee can actually work good before a work out as well, a simple solution for getting more energy, increasing your motivation and burning more calories. Just do know that if you work out at night, it might keep you up a bit later!

      If you are really keen on getting caffeine pills, you can pick up some from your local health food store.

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