1. Terrika

    Kyle, this is great! It’s simple & straight to the point! I know so many people try to lose weight by exercising their butts of, but those that have accomplished a healthy lifestyle no this ain’t the way. It is probably the worst way because you dred putting on your running shoes and going to a bootcamp at the gym because you will be bustin your ass.

    • Kyle

      I hear you Terrika, so many folks tend to make their goal for losing weight “I am going to start exercising” or “I am going to start eating this tomato soup every day”. More exercise and eating one type of diet food is not sustainable. You should be able to eat throughout the day and lose weight and this is completely possible just by making the right choices.

      Food choices is 90% of your diet, exercise is a small fraction. Yes, it is important but more so for heart and physical health. Food is where the calories are consumed, absorbed and stored. That is what leads to us getting overweight and if we can control that, we can lose weight just as quickly.

  2. patti schrimscher

    Really good Kyle…I learned some things I didn’t know. I also know that exercise is good but when you are my age, walking is the best. My sister wears one of those calorie counters on her wrist and counts how many calories she has burnt since she does a lot of walking where she works so she keeps up with her intake and burning calories at the same time. But I also like the layout of your site with all kinds of different things but all in the same niche. Maybe one day I will get as good as you are.

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