1. Jay

    I have a Blendtec and absolutely love this blender.
    It is slightly less expensive but I think the quality of the unit is the same as the Vitamix.

    One of the great things I love about the whole juicing movement is that it has encouraged my family to drink less boxed juice and more whole blended juice. I can even sneak in some Kale so the kids can get some greens!

    Question: How loud is the Vitamix 6300? My Blendtec sounds like a jet taking off so I am wondering if the Vitamix is any quieter.

    • Kyle

      Hey Jay,

      The BlendTec is definitely the main competition for Vitamix and they two are usually said in the same sentence when it comes to the best blender. The Vitamix is also fairly loud and I don’t think there is much you can do about it, when there is that much power (2hp), you are going to get some noise. It is a small sacrifice to make for something that can liquify foods so quickly.

      Glad you are enjoying the BlendTec, I have heard great things about that as well.

      PS. I love the Kale idea as well, you can be sure that the little one is going to be growing up on “snuck in” greens.

  2. Luke

    This review is really intriguing. I have the nutrabullet blender and have used it just a few times. I like how it pulverizes the contents at 10,000 RPM, but it is a little small. I was under the impression that the larger blenders don’t mix things up as well, but you’re mentioning avocado cores, that’s really cool. And it never occurred to me of making peanut butter with a bender. Hmm 🙂

    • Kyle

      Yeah, I personally wouldn’t go to anything else now that I have used the Vitamix (and do so every day). It has become part of my daily eating routine and although I don’t get crafty and make things like peanut butter too often, I know many folks that do. If the nutrabullet is working for you, I suggest you continue using it…but if you are looking for something a bit more powerful and with a larger holding capacity, you should definitely consider the Vitamix.

  3. Rich Far

    Hi Kyle,

    Great review, nice to read a review that comes across like a chat with a friend 🙂

    Juicing and making smoothies is one of the most beneficial health options and is fortunately catching on.

    And yes, it certainly does not take long for a quality blender like Vitamix 6300 to pay for itself in lieu of the cost of regularly purchasing juices/smoothies.

    Blessings Be,

    – RichFar

    • Kyle

      And not to mention most of the juices that you buy at the local franchises are not all that healthy for you to begin with. Lots of them use powders or non-organic vegetables and on top of this, they are very expensive. This is one scenario where I would truly say that you get what you pay for and my Vitamix has paid for itself 10x over in the last year alone.

  4. Raymond shackelford

    I would like to see if it would be good for making Pine Needle Tea. Pine Needle Tea is really good for you, and it tastes great mixed with honey, not the imitation (high fructose corn syrup) either, Im talking about the real kind that Honey Bees make Its really good for a cold, both the honey and the tea are an antibiotic

    • Kyle

      Never heard of it, but I imagine that the Vitamix 6300 would whip this up nicely. I have made things like Peanut Butter (although not quite Pine Needle Tea) in a Vitamix and it turned out brilliantly.

  5. Jimbo

    Love, love, love my Vitamix 6300. I have been making smoothies for the past 2 years and I have actually lost close to 30lbs simply because I can create very filling and nutritious shakes without much effort.

    One thing that the Vitamix does is make getting your nutrients very easy to get, from the vegetables and fruits to the proteins. Sometimes I throw together a protein shake after my work out, banana, coconut water, peanut butter and protein powder. So good.

    Can’t live without my shakes and I have been using this thing literally every day and there is no wear whatsoever on it (blade is showing NO signs of wearing out). Well built units.

    • Kyle

      Yeah, the Vitamix is an excellent device for protein shakes too. I am more of a fruit/veggie smoothy sort of guy, but I definitely know a lot of people that use theirs for protein shakes (even whip up a few days worth at once) and also for soups.

      So awesome to hear it helped you change your dieting “patterns”, it happens so naturally because when you start throwing vegetables into your shakes, it kills your appetite because of the fiber and nutrition. Definitely not empty calories and you could literally be content for an entire day off of three big shakes and a few servings of protein. I usually do that when I am trying to cut down.

  6. Marcus

    Hi Kyle,

    A 7-year full warranty? Wow, they must be really confident that this blender is going to stand the test of time. It’s quite rare to get a warranty that long, isn’t it?

    You are definitely right, though. Fresh juices made like this are far better than juices you buy in shops. They will be filled with additional ingredients you don’t want, like preservatives and added sugar. Besides, there’s no way there will be as much nutritional goodness as you get when blending fresh fruits and vegetables, that’s for sure.

    Just one question, though: how likely do you think you are to get too much fruit sugar from having this kind of juice? Or does having all the fiber make all the difference?

    All the best,

    • Kyle

      I have had my Vitamix 6300 for over 5 years now and it hasn’t put a dent in its performance. It still looks like new and operates just the same. Too bad more small appliances and blenders could not be built the same way, it is almost like manufacturers build things with the intention of making them only last a couple of years.

      The awesome part about the juices we make with a Vitamix is that we throw the fruit in, skin and all (obviously not oranges though). Much of the nutrient and fibre is within the skin and that is what you will miss out if you have a normal juicer (which cuts out the pulp).

      In response to your question, the shakes I usually make are full of vegetables. I would say they are about 70% vegetables (spinach, carrots, ginger, kale, celery) and 30% juice. So definitely not too much sugar in them. Even if they were 100% fruit, it still would be much better than most of the alternatives we would be eating out there!

  7. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Kyle,

    Great review. I felt you were addressing me personally while reading it. How good is the vitamix and blending really tough hard raw vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, and parsley?

    Also rather interestingly, how does it cope with chopping up and liquefying fruit skins and rinds? That is where some awesome hidden nutrition is in some fruits, especially watermelon.

    • Kyle

      I think this post could have naturally been directed at many people, most people are amazed when they see how the unit works and that is why they actively have Vitamix demonstrations in places like Costco to show the power of this machine.

      It blends up ANY fruits and vegetables no problem. I put in fruit with the skin on as well as that is where a good deal of the nutrition is and it completely liquifies it. You can turn it into soup if you want as well, by leaving the blender on a little longer the friction of the blades will actually heat up your blended mixture into a warm soup. Brilliant.

      I remember in the demonstration I saw, they took an avacado core and blended that up until it was a liquid. Just to show the power, a skin or rind isn’t difficult at all for this machine to process into a liquid.

  8. Mike

    Hey Kyle!

    Thanks for the in depth review! I am a big fan of blending since I workout often! I have been through many cheap blender and wasted a lot of time “pulsing” the blades and having sub-par quality texture and taste. However I did buy the ninja blender and it is pretty awesome, but annoying to clean. How easy is the cleaning process for this?

    (Thanks for the tip about Costco and Amazon I am a member to both)



    • Kyle

      It seems like lots of people I talk to these days have the Ninja blender, they must be on a marketing blitz right now. I don’t think there is any real comparison between the Ninja and the Vitamix, perhaps and idea for an upcoming post and review.

      The cleaning process for the Vitamix is an absolute breeze. You put a drop (literally) of soap in, you blend it for 30 seconds, it is crystal clean. I typically take the unit and just wash it out with warm water after blending a smoothy and that is more than adequate to get it clean, following by a good clean usually once per week.

  9. maria

    This is a great article. The vitamix is a great blender/juicer. It does absolutely everything! Hi have a ninja, and I love it, but I don’t think it does as much as the vitamix. Everyone I have ever talked to who has one just loves it. I should really invest in one when my ninja goes!

    • Kyle

      I have definitely heard good things about the Ninja as well. It doesn’t get quite the same sort of reviews as the Vitamix, but it is definitely a quality device as well.

      When the Ninja goes down, you can definitely consider the Vitamix. I have the 6300 and I absolutely love it, though I believe there are several newer models now.

  10. Paul

    Thanks Kyle for the very honest and helpful review of the Vitamix 6300 blender. Our family has never used a blender this advanced. Not that we use blenders all that often anyway, but I can understand the huge benefit of having a quality machine like this on hand that will satisfy your blending needs for many years to come. Are there any other blender models from Vitamix that you would recommend for people with a smaller budget?

    • admin

      To be honest, prior to the Vitamix I didn’t use a blender…ever. The problem was in part to the clean up process, pulling it out of the cupboard, and the actually blending was of the power or quality that could actually create juice (that wasn’t chunky).

      In the blender space, the most popular and the top devices are either the Vitamix and Blendtec. They are the industry leaders and you will find that any blender enthusiasts will choose between one or the other.

  11. Matt's Mom

    Hi Kyle,

    I absolutely love this machine. Sometimes you have to pay more to get quality, definitely worth it with this juicer I believe! Being a neat freak, I like the fact that it cleans up easily. That is kind of a factor for me in any kitchen items I buy. I also like that I can get lots of recipes that I can immediately start using! Great post! So glad I stumbled across your website!

    • Kyle

      I agree, you get what you pay for sometimes and that is definitely the case with the Vitamix 6300. There have been many times I have had company while using my a Vitamix and they were amazed by the sheer power and easy of use of it…not to mention the simple clean up.

      It is definitely a staple in our kitchen and I feel that at that, we underutilize it for its full capabilities.

  12. Taking A Leap Of Faith

    The healthy way to juice is blend, and the best way to do it is with a vitamix where you get all the fiber of the whole fruit not just the juice that comes from it. A vitamix is pricey but worth it. They make nutritious shakes and it is a great way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet. The blades go up to 240mph. Now going to a juice or shake bar will cost you a fortune every month. And buying juice and making shakes with a blender is okay, but you’re not really getting all the nutrition you could because you’re not using the whole fruit. If you buy a vitamix, yes it’s a big cost upfront, but will save you in the long run and will provide much more nutritious smoothies than you would ever get otherwise. If you buy a smoothie a day at the smoothie store at say $8 a pop, that’s $240 a month. You can buy a Vitamix for $649 on Amazon and in 3 months you’d have paid for it with not having to pay for smoothies at the store anymore. Of course you will still need to buy the ingredients, but you would need to do that anyway.

    But you can make more than just smoothies. You can make pasta sauce, salsa, guacamole, baby food, ice cream, bread dough, your own nut butters, and soups. There are tons of recipes online for Vitamix users. Cleaning is a matter of adding a drop of dish soap, some water, turning it on, dumping it out, washing it out with clean water, and turning it on a towel to dry. Plus it has a 7 year guarantee.

    • Kyle

      Exactly, although there is an upfront cost (which is more than other blenders), the Vitamix can pay for itself very quickly not just in terms of your finances, but also the huge health benefits as well.

      I haven’t delved into many of the things like pasta sauces, ice cream, etc as it is more a smoothy machine for us, but I know that people absolutely love it for many different reasons and I know someone who makes organic peanut butter in their Vitamix frequently.

  13. Dejan

    I’ve been searching for a blender that I would use to mix my juices each morning before university. I’ve read a lot of articles saying how bad the bought juices are and they do make sense. The amount of sugar that’s in there is just insane.

    This Vitamix blender is quite expensive for my taste. It’s true that it comes with a 7-year warranty but I just can’t afford an investment like this at the moment. Do you have any suggestions on any cheaper blenders that are still good and won’t break the next week?

    • Kyle

      It is quite expensive, but compared to a commercial juicer or even some of the “mid range” juicers, it is actually fairly priced. One thing that I do like about the Vitamix is the versatility of the blender, you can make everything from peanut butter to your favourite soups very quickly.

      Not to mention all the of the full rind and even skin juices that you are going to be able to liquify using the Vitamix. The cheaper blenders will do the job, but from my experience they will tend to break and overheat after a year or two so there is a limited time frame in which these are going to last.

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